Ceramics seek for inspiration

Where do you look at ceramics to inspire yourself? What are the sources from which the designers of the collections that fill the fairs around the world each year? Design plays an increasingly important role in ceramic collections and there are many sources of inspiration:

  1. Much of the greatest successes of recent years come from a clear natural inspiration: marbles, stones, wood … The pieces that are based on natural textures are always among the best sellers. It is a challenge for designers to continue working on new textures that are increasingly realistic.
  2. The ceramic itself. There is nothing more revolutionary than reinventing itself, that is why ceramics look back from time to time and reinvent some of their great successes, such as tiles of small formats or tiles with a hydraulic aspect.
  3. The geometric shapes. From the tiles that we can still see in ancient Arab constructions, the repetition of geometric shapes is one of the classics of ceramics. At present, designers maximize these geometric shapes and turn them into almost collector’s pieces.
  4. Trends and fashion. The decoration is not alien to the rest of the trends and the irruption of a color, a type of motif or a texture also has its reflection in the ceramic industry. From the commitment to the colors of the year or the tropical motifs in recent years, we can also see how the pottery dresses in fashion.
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