Tecnargilla 2018 | Rimini

One more edition of Tecnargilla, and Molde Azul has its own exhibition space at the show. This is the company’s fourth participation, re-inforcing its claim: product development partner — Molde Azul, more than just manufacturing moulds, punches and plates, gets involved with its clients in the whole development process, from design to final production. The company hast a very important team of technical designers specialized in the development of textures and relieves, who work hand in hand with the clients development team to create full collections. The company develops bespoke customized designs, and also has an important book of images and designs for quick selection and immediate production. Clients can review and select designs through and app, which allows to make an immediate selection and in some cases to even visualize the product on a real set in a matter of seconds.
From that point on, the company has the equipment and experience to carry on from design to a prototype, and from there to production, backing up the client through the whole process, all to the way to production, thanks to the team of technicians specialized on moulds and presses who travel world wide to any production plant, whether it is Spain or any other country. Molde Azul is a global company exporting about 25% of its production and with an importan network of agents and international cooperators.
At the industrial level Molde Azul has a very modern facility with latest tech equipment available on the market. The company is highly specialized and market leader on large format. At the show there are some productive elements — a cart specially develop to speed up the plates interchanging process— and the company presents a very complete video of its facilities to show on a visual way latest equipment acquisition from its plant. Stop by and visit Molde Azul in Tecnargilla 2018, Pav. D2, booth 003.
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