The age of combination

When somebody raises what are the tendencies with respect to formats in the ceramics industry, it can go crazy trying to identify one tile size over another or it can surrender to the evidence: we lived an era of coexistence and combination in which we can find from the larger formats to the smallest.

  • Large formats They are still the kings of the ceramic industry, especially in pavements. Ceramics surpasses itself with great formats never before imagined
  • More wood. The wood also grows with pieces that can exceed 1.5m or small pieces that can be placed, for example, in chevron.
  • The usual brick. The small tile that does not disappear and that returns every so often to create magical combinations and every day more relevant in ceramics.
  • Relevant pottery The reliefs, whether large or small, are still here to give more depth and richness to the interiors.
  • We continue playing with hexagons or with pieces that, from normal formats, become trompe l’oeil that create optical illusions in the coatings.
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