Depending on what is required by the customer or the type of the design and production system, the good face punches can be lower or upper. For the smooth punches MOLDE AZUL has developed a rubber with high definition, which gets a better smooth surface.
On the other hand, depending also on the type of the design, good face punches can have a 3D bevel. The punches with 3D bevel are used when it is need to achieve continuity in the design between all the tiles once assembled.
MOLDE AZUL also manufactures and designs punches for special tiles, which require special shape and machining characteristics.


The back of tile punches can be lower or upper and also isostatics, no isostatics or compensated.
Lower or upper back of tile no isostatic punches are those that do not have a hydraulic system installed for pressure compensation
Lower or upper back of tile isostatic punches; can be manufactured with metal or silicone grille according to the requirements and application of the punch.
For the most aggressive reliefs that should be produced with good face up, it is used lower back of tile punches with compensation which get an optimal material load in each cavity.


Molde Azul manufactures its own matrix bases, which we take to the design workshop to proceed with their engraving. We use aluminum to reproduce the reliefs and textures. We have machinery and tools that allow us to accurately capture each of the details of our designs, thus achieving a high definition in the final product.